Currently enrolled students (full-time and/or part time, undergraduate and/or graduate) are eligible to participate. 


Men's Teams and Women's Teams may choose from four match formats.  Click here for more information.


Mixed Teams may choose from five match formats. 
Click here for more information.


Teams may use results from Mixed Team matches to count toward Men's Team and/or Women's Team results, and vice versa.  Both teams must agree beforehand which matches will be used for concurrent results. 

Please email IBAcollegiate@gmail.com you have any questions about Concurrent Matches. 


IBA Men's Team matches, IBA Women's Team matches and IBA Mixed Team matches may be played during the fall semester and spring semester. 

The IBA Men's Team Championship, the IBA Women's Team Championship and the IBA Mixed Team Championship are held in May or each year.


Coaching is permitted during matches (between points and on change of sides) as long as it does not interfere with play.  Each team is allowed a maximum of two coaches: the team's head coach, and an assistant coach.. The assistant coach may be a player who is designated by the head coach.  If the head coach designates a player to assist with coaching, this must be announced during the team introductions.  If a team does not have a head coach, a faculty member or student (full-time or part-time) may serve as the head coach.  A currently enrolled student who is serving as the head coach may also compete in a match.


For all dual matches, the host team will submit results to the IBA via Report Match Results link on the home page. Only matches played according to the IBA formats will count towards the four-match minimum requirement for the IBA Championships, be posted on the IBA Match Results page, and be used for IBA individual and team rankings.  All match results must be submitted within 14 days.


Home teams must provide shuttles for home matches.  The following shuttles are permitted for IBA team matches:

  • Carlton GT2 feather shuttle, medium speed (78)
  • Carlton F1Ti synthetic shuttle, white
  • Carlton F1Ti synthetic shuttle, yellow

Carlton shuttles are available for purchase through the IBA Store.  The home team must notify the visiting team in advance which type of Carlton shuttle listed above it plans to use in the matches. Visiting teams must bring their own shuttles for warm-ups.


Teams will schedule their own home and away matches, and may choose to play as many or as few matches as they want.  Teams are encouraged to play matches across sections.


All IBA member teams that play at least one dual match against other IBA member teams will be ranked during the school year.


Any IBA member team may host a Men's Team, Women's Team and /or Mixed Team tournament (events with more than two teams) anytime of the year.  IBA team match formats must be used.  Results from matches played at these tournaments will be included in the IBA rankings.


The highest-ranked men's team, women's team and mixed team in each section will qualify for the IBA Championships.  However, these teams must have played at least four dual matches during the fall and/or spring semester against other IBA teams.  These matches may be inside or outside of the team's home section.